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How do I safely clean this fabric?

Fortunately, fabric manufacturers Sunbrella® and WeatherMax can help. However, please make sure that you know what type of fabric it is before attempting to clean it!

Sunbrella® has put together an excellent resource, covering the different types of stains and how to remove them from acrylics. You may view the Sunbrella® Stain Chart by clicking HERE.

WeatherMax also offers easy Care and Cleaning tips HERE.

Thank you Sunbrella® and WeatherMax for providing such wonderfully useful resources! -- Diana


How can I tell if my zippers need to be replaced?  

If your zippers are "flaking" when you zip them, then it may not be too late. Rinse them thoroughly with clean water and allow them to dry. Apply Zippy Cool cleaner and lubricant (a two-step process) to curb the deterioration of the zipper. If you see missing zipper teeth, then the zipper needs to be replaced. If  it is  just the  zipper  pull,  we  can provide a  replacement. If you are not sure, please have a professional take a look at the problematic zipper for you.


How should I store my clear vinyl for the winter?

If at all possible, remove the vinyl off of the boat and rinse/dry thoroughly. Then store it flat, with layers of sheets or towels between the layers of vinyl. Do not store anything on top of the isinglass (vinyl) panels!

How do I take care of my clear vinyl windows?

That depends on what type of clear "glass" you have. Check with the manufacturer first! Most companies do not recommend anything more than gentle soap and water. Some companies, such as Strataglass® endorse only certain cleaners (such as Imar) or the warranty will be voided.

For specifics on Strataglass®, click HERE.

For specifics on O'Sea click HERE.

Whatever type of clear vinyl you have, make sure that your hands are clean and free of sunscreen before handling the clear vinyl.


My bimini and dodger fabric is leaking all over. How do I stop it?

 If they are made of Acrylic (also known as Sunbrella or Outdura), then the water-repellent has worn off and needs to be reapplied. To test, gently spray a small section with water. under normal circumstances it should bead up and roll off. If it saturates the fabric or the  fabric  turns  dark, then  the  water  repellent  has  worn  off.  Clean, dry and apply waterproofer according to the manufacturer's instructions. We prefer 303 Fabric Guard  or  MaryKate Fabric Waterproofer.


The black thread on my bimini is turning white. What should I do?

 It sounds like the sun is degrading your thread. The best thing to do is to get the bimini re-stitched with a PTFE thread, such as Tenera (R), which we found to be a superior thread. Please note: Tenera (R) is NOT warrantied to last the lifetime of the fabric UNLESS it was used exclusively in the original fabrication.